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I've always had a passion for writing little sayings, lyrics and stories. In the last couple of years I have been drawn to Poetry. I am happy to be sharing them with you in this one place. 

Mother's Tongue

Mother's Tongue

Since I was Young 

I have always wondered

with a bit of bitterness…


Why did my mother

Not teach me her mother tongue?




Why did she Not - feed me the words

That flow through her blood

Mind, heart and soul

And in her Dreams?




It would have been So much easier.

For my young mind to connect those words

To meaning

And cast a Million lines

That could Hold







But Once, my Mother…

She told me.

She said 


I want you to Know one Language…   Well.


Though that was a Good answer,

I have never been content.


What Hard Work I must Do.


Until now, I never knew what she meant.


I think she meant...


Master One Language.



Take this English

And break it down

Back to the roots.


Take these words

and Know their multiple meanings.

Know their Shapes and Structures.

Forwards and Backwards

and All around.


And then you can Use them wisely 

To craft your Stories.


So now I’m a grown woman

And I am still no Master 

Of the English Language.


But I think I Know the Power one has

When One Does.


So now today, I am a Grown Woman

And I have no excuses.


My Mother Tongue

Is my Responsibility.

And I must work it into my schedule.


I Know.


And now today, I am a Grown Woman.

And I have started my journey with The Reo.


And it is Changing my Life...











My Names

My Names

There is weight in a Name.

There is Power.


I used to wonder...

Why did my mother give me My Names?



Why Ema?

Plain old boring Ema?

And not even spelt the normal way!

I wish I had a prettier name.


But now I Know...

It’s my Aunty’s name 

My Great Grandmother...


You see We pass on family names 

Like eirlooms

So They Live on.


We are named after a German Queen...

Ema is short for Emmanuel 

Which is also my Brother’s name. 

A way to say God With Us



My second name is I’u.

Why I’u?

I used to dispear as a teenager.

My friends used to tease me

I’ o  I’ o  I’ o  like the donkey.

Why just 2 vowels mamma 

Please...   Why!!!? 

Poor me.

Especially for a little palangi girl 

Curly blonde locks with Green Eyes.


But you know this Name? 

It’s short for I’uogafa.

My Uncle’s name.

My Grandfathers name...


It means the End.


The End of a BloodLine.

It is the End of All Ends

...And The Beginning.

It is pure Death

And pure Life.


When the women of our village 

Hear this Name...

They weep.

It is Ancient 

And it is Powerful.


My name is I’u 

So everyone knows

I am my Uncle’s name sake.

Now I carry this Proudly.


Good luck 

Making fun of My Name now.

I will stare Death

Straight into your Soul.

Hahaha Ha!!!


My Third Name is Patricia.

A name my father’s mother wanted for me.


I am born on Saint Patrick’s Day.

I am Irish.

With the Red in My Hair

And Jump in my Skip.

The Noble.


And my Last name...

Is Barton.

Like my father’s father’s fathers...


Very English 

And Proper

And Strong.

Like a barn that holds the barley

That keeps us aLive through winter.


These are My Names.


What are Yours?


I can recommend getting to Know Your Names.

Be Proud of Your Names.

Don’t Change them for Anyone.

Unless You want to.


You might just 



A little 



By Ema I'u Patricia Barton.



On my most recent trip to my Mother Land,

I had the privilege 

Of reconnecting with some Old Trees.

I knew these Wise Old Guardians 

Had seen So Much



Of Tales they must have.


I know my Ancestors 

Must have touched them 

Loved Them

Spoke to them of their Problems 

And lived out their Lives 



In front of these Trees.


I can’t Wait to ask them

For Stories of my Great Grandmothers...

For advice 

For Knowledge 

If they so wish to Share with me.


But Today 

I am back home in Aotearoa

And I can’t help thinking 

Of all the Ancient Ones

Of the Kauri

And I wonder why are you losing your Light?


I feel a Great Sadness for them. 

In my Dreams I ask them.

How can we Help?


Sometimes I hear their Whispers

In the breeze 

I feel a hum 

A Vibration from their Rings.


They are not pleased with our Progress.

They watch in Sadness as we continue to dwell in the Dark Ages

In our ignorance

Forgetting our Glorious Past 

Spoiling Our Blessed Future 


They are disappointed.


They remember when we were Warriors 

When the Wise Mother’s ruled 

And kept Balance 

When our Strong Father’s

We’re so Honoured 

The Kauri would offer up their bodies 

To build the Waka 

Which could sail the Seven Seas 

Seven Fold

And we could Always 

Find Our Way Home.


We have Forgotten our Sacred Bond 

With Papatūānuku And All Her Creatures

We stay silent as they Cut Down Our Bodies.

Our Own Flesh and Blood.

We stay stagnant 

As the Wairua which feeds us All

Carries Poison 

Into our Children’s Mouths.


Can’t you feel it? 

The Pain is everywhere.

Our Sisters and Brothers 

Would rather return to Source

Than live with this Pain.


You should listen to The Kauri.


We are running out of Time.



I don’t know if you know...

But my Love is a bad-ass mofo on the 6 string.

And if the setting is just right 

And the stars are aligned 

He can blow minds and break hearts 

Just with his feel 

With his touch 

With his favourite language.


It is a pleasure to take in.


Sometimes I’m in a different room 

And I think what is that track playing?

But then I realise it’s just him.

Practicing a song 

Like it’s a finished record 


It amazes me how something as simple 

As two chords 

In any other hands 

Sounds like... well

Two chords 

But with him

It’s some kind of magic dance.

It’s beautiful music.


I admire his talents.

I know it comes from Love 

But it also comes from hard work.

He will listen to a song

And ‘nail’ the tone.

He will do Everything he can 

Until he is content 

And then some more.


That’s what I Love.


And then I see him on that stage.

And he is free 

He is flowing with the muse 

And he looks up at me and smiles


And I know...

That solo 

That outrageously fanging show




that was for me.



Last night lying in bed at 3.03 I pondered... 


In the beginning. 

When we first and ever became Us 

You and I.


At what point did I Know 

To come up with 



How did I know? 

It might have been luck of the draw 

or Much More...

Who Remembers. 


I guess it was when I started measuring the Distance between you and I. 

And within that space was Something 

We could Name and Be. 


A place we learnt how to Talk. 


That conversation turned into a Song...

Through endless Cycles...

We made Rhythms and Repeats.



Shapes and form.

Numbers and dance. 

The rest is our History. 


We make the most beautiful patterns. 

Or the opposite. 

Everything and nothing is Possible.  


And through Time we got to Be and Feel 

All of it.


 I think Life is best savoured not All At Once. 

And though it Is infinite... 

Sometimes we chose to forget 

and let those moments & memories sink in 

and then fade-away through the Ages 

To be rediscovered in a different way. 


A different Song. 

Another Story.


That’s where the Magic Happens.

An endless collection of Stories.

I’m glad we made Time for them All.


That’s the Universe We built together.



I can’t sleep

I’m too excited 

Or anxious 

My mind is running Wild 

I can hear it trying to process 

All the things!


Because this is in Our life time 

Although I knew it was coming 

Although we all feel it in our bones 


Reality is always a surprise 

It’s not all bad 

It’s not all good 

It will hopefully find a balance 

Between the ebb and flows

But I feel the tidal waves coming.


I have dreamt of them 

In every shape and form 

But on a deeper level I’m not afraid 

I just am 

It just Is

And we get along with it.


I feel more conscious.

I feel like I’m seeing more detail 

Hearing more subtleties 

The senses are growing 


As they should 

As they can 


And I am eager to help 

To grow 

To sew my seeds 

And cast my lines 

Into the web 

Of Creators 


To the wise mothers 

To the masters 

To the children 

Through Papatūānuku

We shall ground 


And expand.


Holding hands together 


As we learn 

How to 


Before The Moon
Half Full Moon

Before The Moon

I trace my waning memory back to the Old times

Before the Moon

When our people not only looked to the Stars 

But could connect the dots 

Back to our Origins and beyond

When Wisdom was Universal.


Our Earth was Violent 

In her storms 

And currents stagnant 

We saw many a

Great Calamity and Flood


Then came a Time 

When reptiles reigned

Ancient lands were Lost 


But with the Great Ship

Locked into place 

The Ark of many a Myth


It was a perfect Fit

And brought Balance 

To Earths shifting Fires 

And settled the tides 


That we might Flower 

Within the Cycles 

Again and again.


And we were pleased.


Some of us look to the Moon

And ponder on its influence.


Some are weary.

Most ignore the Moons Magnificent Purpose.


Some give thanks 

For its protection 

For its cosmic obit 

Watching over us 




For the night we All Wake.

Crow Silhouette by Moonlight
I See A Woman

I See A Woman

I see a Woman

She is staring straight back at me 

She is in front of an Ancient Village 

Surrounded my snow tipped Mountains 


Her beauty is naked 




She is from my Father’s bloodline.


Her skin is milky 

Eyes a blue green... grey

The shape of almonds


Hair a fiery red...

Aflame in the Sun.




Her hair is framed with 


Fur and Flowers 


She is the Shaman.


She does not speak.


I can see her breath

In the cold


But I dare not call her Name



Not Yet...


Because when I do.


My work begins.. .




Her work continues.

With You

With You

Once there was this time in a heightened state

I told you I crossed multiverses 

to Be with You.


Like the Goddess choosing to let go of Her immortality 

A Life amongst brighter stars and all else...

To breathe in each and every last mortal moment with You

Here, however brief, 

as your One True Love.  


And although it may have been crazy talk

Deep down I knew there was some Truth to it 

Like there is in any Story. 


Every now and then I think I faintly remember parts of that journey. 

Not that it matters now. 

But bits and bobs

lost memories, lost in translation..

Old Myths and Legends...


Sometimes they spark something, 

A flash of recognition 

and some how I Know. 

What I gave up to be here. 

Stuff that dreams are made of. 


I can never go back. 

But right now in this very moment. 

For THIS very specific moment. 

She will always Know. 


It Was Worth It. 

Crab Nebula


This is a message for my brothers with the wandering eye.


If you are lucky enough 

To hold the love of a Good Fafine

I ask you...

Why do you cheat on her? 


We know all too well of the 

Temptations of the flesh.

That is understandable.


Though the hurt is heavy 

It’s not always the act itself.


It’s the lying.


Do you think we are stupid?

It brings us great shame 

To look you in the eye 

And see there is still love.

But you are so weak and scared

To tell us the Truth.


Even when we are lying to ourselves

Deep down we know.

(It’s in our dreams)


It’s not the act itself.


Though it can wear down our pride

 and rip open our Hearts 

For an infinite time 


We are Strong enough to handle that.

We Always Have...


It is the Disrespect.


How dare you whisper sweet nothings into your little sweet hearts ear

And say you don’t love me.

How dare you bring some teine 

Into our home 

Into our bed 

In front of our children 


How fucking Dare you.


And how dare you 

Look me in the eye 

And promise me 

It’s the last time 

You are going to change...


Do you think we are Stupid?


While we sit here with this pain.

Don’t you know we have to carry on?


We have to be so much stronger

For our aiga 

For our home 

For our work.

Because we chose to Love You.


And then you dare to think...


We don’t deserve to feel pretty.

Or Young. 

Or Wanted...


You think we don’t deserve to be treated 

Like Equals.


Like Queens.


While we stretch out our Blood and our Breath 

Our Bodies and Souls

To hold this whole world together.


You don’t think we deserve

To be Free.


Because if we left you.

When we really Leave You.


One day, you will know.

What it’s like to lose your True Love.


I am the Manifestation of 
My Dreams

I am a cup overflowing

I Am Rainbow Light 

I am the Song I’ve always longed to write 

To sing

To play 

To share.


I am the Beauty 

I see in everyone 

In everything 


I am the Goddess who forgot who she was.

I am the Mother 

Of the greatest things to Come 


I see my children

My ancestors

I am the Bloodline 

Weaving gifts of wisdom 

For them to discover 

Down the line 


I am the Oracle 

In the days of Awakening

I am the Master of Laws

And the bender of Truths


I will ride my Great Waves Of belief

Down to the deepest

Of the Deep


I am the Creator 

Of Worlds 

The Seer Of Signs

I am the Vibration of Love 


And when the Time comes 

I will Know

How to Read and Speak 

Into Action..


My Dreams.


I Am the Manifestation of My Dreams.


The Day I Drowned

I love the West Coast

Rough Waves and Rock Pools

Iron Sand so hot and magnetic 


The first time I saw a Black Sand Beach 

I thought it was Magic 

I never knew it was possible 

With dunes so high 

We could be on Mars

Sliding and Hopping as the Martians do  


There is something about the Ocean for me 

Even as a child

I knew one day I would return to her mighty Depths 

And She has called to me ever since.


For some reason I thought 

At the age of Ten

Surfing her massive waves 

On a blow up lilo was a good idea.


I was drawn to the rolling green 

They didn’t seem that Big

Until all of a sudden they were Titans

Metres High and I was caught in their grip 

(In it’s teeth)

As they curled over me 

I saw the shadows of large fish 

Schools of them 

I couldn’t believe my eyes

I saw the sharp angles of the Great Shark 

There was no time for fear.


It was dark 

I heard the crashing more than I felt it

Smash smash smash 

The weight of the White 

Was Awesome

Dragged like a Rag Doll 

My legs in her teeth

She was not happy to see me like this.

I thought Ok This Is It.


1, 2, 3, 4...

I can’t remember how many I took.

With each pounding 

I gave in 

Ok This Is It.


My short life flashed before me 

I wasn’t afraid 

I was returning home after all.


As I swallowed salt 

And danced with the undertow 

I thought once more

Ok This Is It.


All I felt was Love 

Deep Watery Love.


So I closed my eyes.




And then Smack!

I feel the hard Earth under me.

I hear my family yelling

I’ve been spat out on the shore.


No she said.


Today is not your Day.


Go child.

Do your things 

Grow into that Woman.


We will see you again.


And so I look at the Ocean

And I hear her calling me Home.

Sometimes throughout my life 

I wished I could just walk straight back into her Kingdom.


But I know she would spit me back out.

Go child..


You have work to do.

Day I Drowned

My Lungs Are Burning 

My lungs are burning





Faster than I can exhale 

Longer than I can hold my breath


The sound is deafening 


Where there was life and vibrant colour 

There will be pain 

And blackness 


I shall scream in rings of smoke 

And smother all those sleeping 


Can you not feel it?

Do you still go about your day? 


I did not ask for this 

And in my anger 

As the masses sit numb and dumb 

Playing with paper & numbers 


My children are crying.


With Shame of Your Ignorance 

I shall rage on 


I will Burn 

Until all your paper is dust 

And you are nothing 

But Fear itself.


And my True 



Shall rise from the ashes.

Wild Fire
Other Woman

Dear 'Other Woman' 

It’s been a long time

But I still think of you.


I wonder how you are 

Where you’ve been

And whether you finally 

Found true LOVE.


I remember how you tried 

To steal my LOVE

You tried so hard.


It never really worked though 

Because deep down you know 

And you will always know 

He is my LOVE


The funny thing is....

He is gone 

But I still think of you.


I thought I would hate you

But really I respect you.


I appreciate you took the time 

To face me as a woman.


At least you told me your TRUTH.


I wanted to hurt you...

But really I should thank you.


Although I cursed you to your face 

And called upon my mothers mothers mother...


I know I didn’t mean it.


I hope you have children.


I hope that you found true LOVE.


If you saw me on the street

Don’t be ashamed.


I would call you my friend.

I would call you my sister.


I know you are more than just 

The ‘Other Woman’.

Look Closer

Look Closer

I just thought this leaf looked curious…

Like the river delta 

Our life flowing veins 

As the lightning strikes 

Neurons along the chain 

Linking the fabric of Space

Here they all are

The patterns that tell our story 

Reflected and repeated

Playing out in infinite waves

The mirror 

What do you see

Of the Fires & rhythms to come?

Old and new?

Perhaps ask a leaf

Or anything at all.

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